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Jermaine’s Journey (Kimberly Jenkins)

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Whitney sang about our children being the future. As a young girl growing up in NYC I experienced a mirage of things. My childhood was filled with the best opportunities and biggest missteps. I have spent my entire life trying to be perfect and falling short every time....

Jermaine & his mom Kimberly

My sons David and Jermaine are a generation apart. Both their Fathers heirs I grew up with David and grew with Jermaine. My sons mean the world to me. Everything I have ever experienced and witnessed led us to today. David and I have been on a journey through the years fraught with ups and downs and highs and lows. We still managed to wait on God and He sent us J.J.

Jermaine is something else. He to me is an old man in a toddlers body. During my pregnancy both my Mother and his paternal Great Grandmother passed away. Two women who when told of his impending arrival smiled so broadly that I KNOW he was delivered to us through them. I attempt to channel their spirit and love for family as I navigate this thing called life and Jermaine’s unique journey we are on.

Autism is a CLUB a sorority of Mothers, Fraternity of Fathers, a league of caregivers, professionals, doctors -K. Jenkins

I truly feel like Autism is a CLUB. A sorority of Mothers, Fraternity of Fathers, a league of caregivers, professionals, doctors....I have only had a few unsatisfactory interactions on this journey and history will be kind to us. For all the naysayers, haters and spiteful people my hope is you turn your television on and see my children and I SOMEWHERE.

It’s HARD. Every child is unique. Not to be a braggart but I am intelligent. I have in the last three years read and become aware of a vast array of things.I KNEW Jermaine was autistic WAY before he was diagnosed. I also know that Jermaine is going to be fine. I spend so much time with him yet how he has excelled in school coupled with the candor of his original teacher and ABA instructor I know he’s going to accomplish great things. Jermaine ❤️

It’s so stressful at times. I have a heavy social media presence at times I’m a Maven so I post fabulous pictures, excellent contact and I’m a little funny. Above all The Creator has given me a great life! But to whom much is given much is required. So many things happened all at once to me. My life changed. My oldest is grown and the life I envisioned didn’t materialize. The entire way I lived my life changed! For the better because I had no choice! But it came at a cost....